AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #43-45 (2002): 1st Luke Carlyle Dr. Octopus

Peter tries to make peace and win back Mary Jane.

Aunt May serves as moderator.


Meanwhile, Doc Ock builds new arms for a youngster who betrays him.

That’s Luke Carlyle. He’s a CEO. He hires Otto Octavius, who is trying to go straight, then steals his arms and uses his company’s resources to build something even better.

He then leaves Otto to suffocate to death IN A CLEAR TUBE(!!!). I love the clear tube thing. See my tag below.

Otto’s arms sense he is dying and save him. Then Doc Ock kicks Carlyle’s ass. Spider-Man’s involved a little bit, too, but honestly we don’t need him for this.

The stories intertwine and Spider-Man has to lift heavy stuff to free May and Mary Jane from wreckage caused by the Ock vs Ock fight, which is why Ock fighting is illegal in most states.

(Yes, this is another tribute to Amazing Spider-Man #33.)

Peter gets a small bit of hope from MJ in the end.

JMS really writes the shit out of this comic. So many genuinely touching moments.

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