Marvel Comics Presents #46-49 (Devil-Slayer) (1990)

Devil-Slayer gets a multi-part story in which he meets Flying Dutchman.

The haunted flying pirate is sent by Mephisto to reward Devil Slayer for all the people he killed back when he was a mercenary.

Then, Devil Slayer fights a corrupt Central American government that receives weapons covertly from the U.S., which makes Mephisto sad because he just wants Devil Slayer to be a mercenary again and kill people.

It’s not a great story, but I appreciate that it focuses on a truly under-used character-Devil Slayer, who shares billing with the likes of Wolverine and Captain America in these issues (they’re the “bait” to get you to buy a book with a multi-part story about Devil Slayer-who you’d never buy a book about).

The demon Belathauzer also appears, but only in one panel. Not sure why he’s in this at all.

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