CAPTAIN AMERICA #238-239 (1979)

We’re all waiting for the brief-but-legendary Roger Stern/John Byrne run.  Byrne does the covers here, but not interiors. 

In the story, Nick Fury sends Captain America on a mission to take down Mentallo. To get there, he steals someone’s ride.

Instead of Mentallo, Cap finds another psychic who protects his fortress with illusions like giant snakes.

And a big bully who humiliates Cap.

Until Cap hits him in the face.

But a writer of Peter Gillis’ caliber wouldn’t leave it at that. The story gets DARK. Cap frees the little girl, and she has been so traumatized by the experience that she kills herself.

Suicide portrayals were big in ’70s comics–as you can see by clicking the tag below–but I’ve never seen a little kid do it. This is intense. I’m surprised it was code approved.

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