IRON MAN #235-236 (1988)

Here’s a cool idea: Grey Gargoyle uses his ability to turn people into stone to take on a secret identity and become a world-famous sculptor.

blow job statue comic

Tony Stark seems to have no idea that the statue looks like it’s giving a hummer, but that look on Rhodey’s face….

Anyway, Tony Stark figures out the secret, turns into Iron Man, and saves all the stone-ified people. 

During the battle, a kid wearing a Prince Valiant t-shirt gives Iron Man a popcorn cup that helps him defeat the villain…

…By stuffing his hand in it. Prince Valiant is non-Marvel, so I’m tagging this as an unofficial crossover.


Grey Gargoyle escapes in the end, swearing revenge.

By the way: I love Grey Gargoyle, but does anyone know why he’s named after a gargoyle? Is it because of the famous architectural stone gargoyles in New York City, so Stan Lee just thought, “Hey! I’ll create a villain with the powers of Medusa but name him after statues on buildings?”

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