Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation #1-4 (1999)

This is a Punisher and Wolverine miniseries by Golden and Lee. But not Jim Lee or Michael Golden.

Punisher gets recruited by some fallen angels (yes, actual angels from Heaven) who know he is now a divine force. (If you didn’t know that Punisher had recently become a soldier of heaven, you’re forgiven: It’s a horrible narrative construction of the late ’90s that needs to be swept under the rug of history.)

Meanwhile, Wolverine goes on a date and his date is killed.

Then the two team up to fight some kind of weirdly powered mutant and a robot army. Or other angels. Or some crap like that. The mutant is named Revelation, she’s been buried for a very long time, and her “power” is that people die around her. So in the end, Pun and Wolverine have to kill her to stop her from (unintentionally) killing everyone on Earth. Then, the angels claim Revelation’s soul.

This thing is terrible beyond words and the narrative is nonsense.

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