The conclusion of the saga, which started in Avengers #63 and continued in Captain Marvel #14 and Sub-Mariner #14.

The final leg of the trilogy also starts a two-parter for The Avengers.

Small-time gangster Barney Barton shows up at Avengers Mansion (they let anyone in, apparently), and we learn about Clint Barton—who changed from Hawkeye to Goliath last issue—having a criminal past.  His brother is killed in a battle against Egghead’s robots.  And you can see, in the panel above, that Clint swears to get revenge if it takes the rest of his life.  Turns out, it only takes one issue.

Egghead then hires The Swordsman to go after the team, and we learn about Clint and Swordsman’s shared past as circus performers.  In the end, Barton captures both of the villains and feels at peace with his brother’s death.  “Just a little.”

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