Morbius #18-19 (1994): Wraith dies

Okay, so Morbius goes clubbing to a vamp club where people drink blood for fun.  

And the owner of the club is Brian “The Wraith” DeWolff.

But wait, you say, isn’t he dead?  Scourge killed him!  And even if he wasn’t, what the Hell is he doing running a nightclub?

As it turns out, he avoided death by using his Wraith powers to shift his consciousness into the physical body of the dude that owned the vamp club. 

At the club, Morbius realizes Wraith is up to no good but he whines to Caretaker that he doesn’t know “how” to fight crime unless he’s doing it to get guilty people to eat.  Caretaker tells him to suck it up and do his job.

Good on Caretaker for that.


Look who is wearing a trenchcoat to hide in plain sight!

Based on proximal coincidence, Wraith possesses Deathlok.

And the heroes fight.  Then Deathlok shakes off Wraith’s influence.  Then they team up.

And it all ends with Morbius killing Wraith by sucking out his blood.

Poor Wraith.  He got resurrected and killed in the same storyline.


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