WONDER MAN #28-29 (1994): Series Ends

And so it ends, not with a bang, but with a Spider-Man.  Peter Parker is covering a film shoot starring Simon Williams, and the set is crashed by witches and a weird demon.

They fight, Wonder Man rejoins the West Coast Avengers, and the series ends.  Here’s the last panel:

I have no idea who the Ungsons are.  I’m assuming they wrote a lot of letters to a crappy comic.

Actually, that’s not fair.  I really liked the early issues of this book.  But then it lost its way.  Much like Sensational She-Hulk, X-Factor, and Morbius, Marvel had a bunch of titles that started out with a strong theme and identity, but eventually got blended into the general homogeny of 1990s Marvel.

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