Sensational She-Hulk #21-23 (1990-1991): Steve Gerber’s run ends

Steve Gerber’s less-than-stellar run on Shulkie ends with her legal assistant Weezie, who was actually the Marvel Golden Age hero Blonde Phantom, kidnapped by an enemy from those old days.

I’m a big Gerber fan, but I recognize that his work can get very left-wing heavy-handed and symbolically awkward, and this story—with characters like Captain Rectitude (above) who works for the American Purity Foundation and villains like Abominatrix—is Steve at his worst.

It’s not even fun to watch She-Hulk time travel to meet Herbert Hoover, Captain America, Whizzer, etc. in the Golden Age.

Gerber ends the run without accomplishing anything, but also without changing the nature of this book or the main character, so it shouldn’t be hard for the next creative team to come aboard.

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