HULK ANNUAL 2001 (2001)

That’s a beautiful JH Williams cover. But it’s lipstick on a pig.

Thor goes on a rampage and Thor tries to subdue him.

That could have been enough for a rock-‘em-sock-‘em Hulk tale (and those are, frankly, some of the most fun to read), but there’s a ponderous thing that happens: To prevent Hulk from doing damage, Thor teleports them to another dimension where Hulk can’t hurt anyone.  He says Hulk can stay there if he can be at peace, but of course Hulk can’t and he keeps fighting and breaking stuff.  So instead of leaving him there, Thor brings him back to Earth!

Really?!?  He removes Hulk for being destructive.  Hulk keeps being destructive.  And then he returns him precisely because Hulk can’t stop being destructive?


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