Avengers Spotlight #38 (1990): Tigra

It’s (mercifully) getting very near the end for this title, and we get a Tigra story about how she’s a werecat and has to fight against her cat-nature.  I really don’t like this.  Just make her a fuzzy chick with powers, and I’m good.  I don’t need another person who has some beast living within them that they have to control, or who can’t stand the way that having awesome powers make them look less human.

Plus, she’s the size of a cat now.  When did that happen?

She gets attacked by someone’s pit bull, injured, and is taken to the veterinarian to be put down due to the injuries.  Coincidentally, Agatha Harkness arrives just in time because Agatha’s own cat, Ebony, told her Tigra was in trouble.

There are some flashbacks about Tigra. Then, one of High Evolutionary’s cat men has a crush on Tigra and wants to marry her, and to stop him Agatha uses a spell to turn him into a real cat.

But you can’t skip this issue because it “matters.”  At the end, Agatha bestows upon Tigra a mystical amulet that looks like a cat’s head and enables her to shift between cat and human forms.

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