The cover says this is the “first issue,” suggesting that it is a new ongoing–not a miniseries. But by issue #2 it is called “The limited series with unlimited action!”

So they knew from the start that it sucked, but they put it out anyway. Presumably, because it has a lead with big boobs. I can’t think of any other reason they thought people wanted this comic. And when I say big boobs I mean…

Holy crap. How can she possibly fight and be agile and all with those things? They’d flop back into her own face and knock her out!

Issue #1 opens with an action scene: Cat and Spider-Man versus Cardiac.

Why are they fighting? Because Cardiac wants to kill “Morelle Pharmaceuticals.” I’m sure it just means the head of the company or something, but there’s no story yet. Just a lot of hitting and yelling, like a Thanksgiving at my house.

The fight goes on for 14 pages. Turns out, he wants to blow up the company’s building–and there are some people inside. The heroes fight him off and then someone from the company offers Felicia a job, recovering something called a “Chimera” that was stolen from the company.

She interrogates a guy at a bar, trying to find it.

And so the tale continues: Cat looking for the Chimera.

Cardiac looking to stop the company from vaguely defined “evil” doings. New characters with names like Loop, Faze, and Vandal (none of whom are ever seen again) fighting Cardiac and Cat.

As you can imagine, nothing of import comes out of this.

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