CABLE #26-28 (1995-1996)

I’m so tired of all this. Cable’s not even that bad a comic. The stories aren’t even that bad. It’s just so hard to stay invested in all the constant time travel and Mister Sinister bopping around spying on stuff saying mean things and the seemingly bottomless well of characters to draw from….But having said all that, this is a good story. I note my feelings of exhaustion only because I’m certain that I’m predisposed to dislike 1990’s X-stories.

Anyway, Cable and Domino return from their most recent time travel jaunt and pop back into Genosha, where the Magistrates are killing mutants again, and Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome are on the run again. Only in this issue we are told that Genegineer is NOT the guy who created all the Genosha mutate. That’s been the supposed truth for many years of comics–pretty much since Genosha was featured in Wolverine’s solo book.

Also, this is the first time Cable has gotten involved in the Genosha world. He’s taken to a bunker called Safehaven, where Moreau and Ransome are gathering an army of rebels.

And then it’s time for a mid-’90s fight.

And it seems Sugar Man is the real villain. Ugh.

It ends with Cable destroying the machines that have been creating mutates and Mister Sinister taking credit for it.

He’s kind of a like a bad-mutant version of Nick Fury: He professes to know everything, but never does any heavy lifting himself.

Sinister tells Cable that Sugar Man was really not afraid of Cable after all–he was afraid of Nate Grey.

And next issue, an X-Man story begins.

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