DARKHAWK #4-8 (1991)

Darkhawk meets his first nemesis: Savage Steel. He’s wearing body armor tech from Stane International. His motives are unclear and it’s shown that he’s working with some other people. He specifically tells them, after the action is over, that both Darkhawk and Punisher may need to be eliminated. (Punisher guest stars in #9, coming up next.)

Not everything about this book is bad. There are some interesting twists/ideas. For one, when Chris Powell the teenager puts on the Darkhawk suit, his body physically changes. Several times we see other people seeing his unmasked face, and apparently it’s scary looking. (Like Savage Steel, after he punches Darkhawk’s mask in the panel above.)

Powell sees himself at the beginning of #5. He then comes against Judge Dredd…

…Sorry, Portal. When we last saw him, in Avengers 304, he was just a kid with the ability to make portals. Now, he’s got armor that looks a lot like Darkhawk’s and appears to know something about the origin of the armor.

After Darkhawk defeats him, Portal gets taken to The Vault, where he meets Captain America and the Guardsmen who work at the super-jail, but then Portal gets busted out by the U-Foes. The U-Foes have learned that Portal can traverse dimensions, so they want him for themselves.

Also, Daredevil is there for some reason.

The battle against the U-Foes is kind of fun, albeit pretty random.

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