Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #9 (1989): All text issue

This is a VERY annoying issue.  There’s true comic book sequences framing it, but 75% of the comic is an “article” in Now Magazine about Dr. Strange.  It’s all text, with “photographs” in it.  Dr. Strange operates in a mystical plane, so it’s silly that a magazine would have as much detail about this stuff as it does but, more importantly, I read comics so I DON’T HAVE TO READ A WHOLE BUNCH OF TEXT WITHOUT PICTURES.

I’m not reading this issue.  Sorry.  I skimmed it and it looks like a novelization of a lot of Strange’s historic exploits.  If there was a reason to reacquaint readers with the character, there were much less academic ways to do it—and any of those ways would have made it an actual comic book, instead of a dry history lesson.

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