MARVEL PREVIEW #7 (1976): 1st Rocket Raccoon

Satana slaughters a bunch of people. Wow.  That’s hardcore.

In her third appearance, Satana takes on a violent Satanic cult who are trying to banish her from Earth. 

Satana appeared in a few “Haunt of Horror” magazine stories before this, but I (a) don’t have those issues and (b) refuse to hunt them down for one 10 page story surrounded by a bunch of generic horror tales.

The cult has tapped into a basilisk that lurks inside Satana, and is set free in this story.

And then it is reabsorbed by her.

There’s not a lot of story in these issues, it’s a lot of mumbo jumbo stuff. But its fun to read and the art is fabulous.

Also in this same issue: A space epic by Bill Mantlo called “Sword in the Star” that features the first (non-canon) appearance of Rocket Raccoon.

Santana was by Chris Claremont and Esteban Moroto. Sword in the Star by Bill Mantlo and Terry Austin

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