X-FORCE #125-128 (2002): 1st Dead Girl

After yet-another mission goes wrong, Spike Freeman sends the team to a graveyard to recruit…Dead Girl!

But first…Opening credits on tombstones!

I love that!

Dead Girl is probably the most popular X-creation of Mike Allred and Pete Milligan. Maybe because she has claws and a healing factor? Only her powers look like this:


With all the deaths in X-Force, self-resurrection is a very valuable skill if you’re going to be a member!

She joins the team for a space mission funded by the CIA, rescuing mutant hostages being held in a space station. While out there, Phat and Vivisector state their love for each other.

Also while in space, the space station begins to self-destruct–a betrayal by the CIA who fully expected (and seem to have even wanted) X-Force to die in the mission. At one point, the team has to roll a die to determine who will take the only escape pod to get off a burning space station…


In a book where anyone can die, any time, the randomness of a dice roll is wizard.

There are a ton of twists and turns–this is the most plot-heavy (and the first extended arc) story of the series so far. It ends with the deaths of Spike..


… and U-Go-Girl…


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