Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #62-63 (1994)

Look! The two coolest doctors in the 616 are getting together!

Before you get too excited, don’t forget that Victor Von Doom died and was replaced by Nathaniel Richards in Fantastic Four #382.  And Dr. Strange, during the Siege of Darkness event, was basically replaced by two spells that formed look-a-like entities
, one of which is the masked superhero “Strange.”

So, it’s fake Doom vs. fake Strange.

Still, after taking over this book during the reviled Siege of Darkness event, David Quinn does a good job at creating the basis for his overarching story. We learn that most of the world’s magical artifacts have been spread around the world after the destruction of the Sanctum Sanctorum (again, during the prior event). Doctor Strange, in hiding outside of the 616 universe/dimension, is directing his “Strange” alter ego to get them all back. He’s also using his Vincent Stevens alter ego to amass wealth so he can buy items on the black market.

It’s a cool idea, watching Stephen direct Strange and Kang/Nathaniel direct a doombot.

Obviously, the conflict in this issue is over a magic item that Kang tries to possess.

He fails when Stephen Strange blows up his robot.

Throughout both issues, Morbius is looking for Dr. Strange, and the cliffhanger has him finding a version of the doctor who is hanging upside down and looking grey.

That’s where next issue will pick up. 

These stories are a HUGE improvement over most of the Doctor Strange issues from the past decade.

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