X-MEN #43-44 (1968)

Professor X is dead.

A funeral.

But there’s no time for sadness because it’s time for Magneto to step into the breach.

He hijacks a ship that happens to have the X-Men on it.

Now there’s a handy coincidence! Well, it wasn’t a total coincidence.  The ship had a super computer on board that Cyke figured Magneto would want.

Magneto beats them fairly easily, and Angel escapes. But rather than save his teamembers, he spends almost all of issue #44 fighting a guy named Red Raven.

Then, at the end, Angel finally decides to go get help from The Avengers. 

Next issue, #45, will be the first big AvX story.

Angel isn’t the only one thinking the Avengers might be a source of help…

As Scarlet Witch’s powers continue to fade, Quicksilver thinks maybe the A-team could help her. But his desire to help doesn’t last long before it collapses under the weight of his enormous narcissism.

There’s a back-up feature on the origin of Iceman, where he gets arrested for beating up some bad guys, and Cyclops rescues him from jail. Which, of course, is illegal.

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