MACHINE MAN #19 (1981): Series ends

Look closely at that Frank Miller cover and count the strange things on it.  Not just fat Sue or skinny Hulk.  Jack O’ Lantern first appeared in Machine Man!

Well, as you might have guessed from the cover, this issue takes place at a superhero-themed Halloween party.  And speaking of costumes, Machine Man tries to hide in a trenchcoat.

With Halloween comes a little D.C. crossover fun…

The party is crashed by the evil Jack O’ Lantern, and saved by Machine Man.  He’s not thanked by the partygoers.  He’s also not thanked by Marvel readers, because his book is cancelled.  As evidenced by the wise-ass footer on the cover: “Guess what mag won’t have a 20th issue”!

Here’s the final panel:

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