EXCALIBUR #88-90 (1995): Dream Nails; 1st Uncreated

As the series returns after AoA, Warren Ellis writes a script for a half dozen artists that essentially stars a single character: Pete Wisdom.

Pete takes on Black Air, a government organization that is poisoning humans with alien bacteria that is sentient and that murdered God. Or something like that. By the end of the story, the aliens are named The Uncreated. Ellis will use them again in his Starjammers miniseries.

Also, Hellfire Club know about them.

It’s not Ellis’ best work.

Why this story matters is that Kitty Pryde works closely with Wisdom, and that partnership will continue for a bit.

And they get frisky.

Meanwhile, Moira still has the Legacy Virus and is getting sicker, so Rory Campbell interrogates the captive Spoor to see if that mutant’s power could hold a cure.

Obviously, Rory isn’t up to date on the research showing that torture does not produce reliable results from an interrogation.

It’s more than a little confusing to have the Legacy Virus story alongside the “government virus conspiracy” story. I have to think it would have been better if Ellis had linked the two, either via a “false conspiracy” linking Black Air to Legacy or by having the idea for the government virus come from the government’s surveillance of Legacy.

And also Wolfsbane shows up and joins the team. She looks…different.

She looks more like some kind of cute monkey hybrid than a werewolf, am I right?

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