Thor #237-239 (1975): 1st Egyptian Gods

As exciting as it is to see Big John drawing Thor, this is just a tepid story in which Ulik the Troll figures out that Don Blake is Thor so he kidnaps Jane Foster.  In the final issue, Jane overpowers the Troll henchman, which is kind of cool, and Thor recognizes this as a new paradigm for the female side-character.  Will she really become more than a mere love interest in future issues?  Stay tuned, and find out.  (But I doubt it.)

Also for reasons that are really weird, Odin runs off with the Egyptian Gods. Because none of them are particularly important Marvel characters, and they almost always appear as a group, I’m group-tagging their appearances.

Creators: Gerry Conway and John Buscema (#237-238); Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema (#239)

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