UNCANNY X-MEN #394 (2001): Joe Casey run begins

While Grant Morrison was beginning a legendary, legend-breaking run on New X-Men, Joe Casey started writing the oldest of the X-books, Uncanny, and took an unorthodox approach to a much more traditional type of X-comic about the usual mutants trying to save the world that hates them…

But this first issue was a damn fine book.

A new mutant named Warp Savant celebrates his 18th birthday, which occurs on the same day as the anniversary of one of Magneto’s most infamous attacks, decides to use his reality warping powers to stage a similar attack on the same army base.

After a bloody battle, Warp Savant is wounded and Wolverine limps forward to finish him off–but the kid decides he’d rather die, and uses his powers to literally dissolve himself.

A very good comic and…Wait…This can’t be right…It’s a done-in-one X-Men story?!? Unheard of!

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