1 thought on “SPIDER-MAN T.V. AD (1978)”

  1. You’re not just right, you are BEYOND right! This show was the ever-lovin’ PITS!! Such a disappointment for those of us who put the 1967-1970 ‘Spider-Man’ ABC cartoon show at the center of our lives only ten years earlier. And yet, I know some fools who will battle you, me, or anyone to an ever-lovin’ fare-thee-well over how GREAT it was! These people need to seriously get a clue as to what constitutes great television! Cheers! M*A*S*H! ( at least the first few years ) Star Trek! ( original series ) Starsky and Hutch! Baretta! The Six Million Dollar Man! The Bionic Woman! Airwolf! Bonanza! Gunsmoke! The Man From UNCLE! The Night Stalker! The Wild, Wild West! And all that’s just off the top of my head! Word!


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