FANTASTIC FOUR #62-64 (2002-2003): ʃ£πt¡Σπ+

This is the first “arc” of Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s run. Their first couple of issues were done-in-ones designed to bring readers back to the series and re-brand it as something sweet and charming. Now we get our first multi-issue story, and the title is an unpronouncable series of symbols. The comedic tone is maintained in this story, wherein Reed Richards creates a new device that comes alive in the form of personified data.

It forces Thing down a hole. I haven’t gotten to use my “Thing in a Hole” tag in a long time!

Thing also does math.

fantastic four 63

And talks to the “previews” guy who does the voiceovers for movie trailers.

thing goes to the movies

After the “foe” is vanquished, Reed plays Magic: The Gathering with his son.

The villain is dumb, but the story is fun and extremely well written, making this a well-above-average story.

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