1 thought on “THE STATE OF THE X-MEN IN 1980…”

  1. Very informative, however some of these statistics are incorrect, per ‘The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe’- in particular, the Angel is listed at 6’3″-incorrect- according to the Handbook, he is six feet even. Similarly, the Beast has never seen six feet tall a day in his life, regardless of which form he is wearing- he is, per the Handbook, five-eight. Cyclops, on the other hand, is being slighted here, at six-two- according to the Handbook, Cyke is six-three, which seems more right for him, anyway, and, lastly, Wolverine, is incorrectly listed at five-four, 180 lbs- according to the Handbook, the feral mutant is actually five-three, which seems more correct, because he is supposed to be really short. ( my guess would have been five-two, actually ) His weight here is given at 180 lbs., versus the Handbook’s 195 lbs. Both of these estimates strike me as a bit lean for a fellow whose entire skeleton is supposedly laced with super-metal adamantium, which is presumably heavy, considering it is supposed to be the toughest metal known to Man. Therefore, I would put the ol’ Canucklehead’s overall body-weight at somewhere around 250 lbs. Court dismissed!


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