CAPTAIN AMERICA #243-244 (1980)

As a character, Captain America is really lost.  Roger McKenzie gave him a secret identity–artist Steve Rogers–but beyond that, they really didn’t know what to do with him.  In this arc, a villain steals the master matrix that SHIELD uses to make LMDs, and instead the villain–a dying old man–gets turned into a twisted freak.  It’s not particularly imaginative or interesting.

Although we do know he’s strong as an ox and twice as ugly…

Then we get our first glimpses into Steve’s private life, and for the first time we meet Josh Cooper, a black man who is his neighbor.  Not only do the two of them look kind of like gay lovers, but as a reader you’re left wondering, “What the Hell?  Your best pal was Falcon and now you replace him with another fit black guy???  Where the Hell is Falcon?”

And, Cap exercises….

Art by Rich Buckler (243), Don Perlin (244)

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