AVENGERS ANNUAL #22 (1993): 1st Bloodwraith

Sigh. A whole issue about Black Knight.

No–wait! At least there are back up features!

Anyway, Black Knight’s squire, Sean Dolan, gets powers when a gang of D-list wizards and mystic-adjacent characters (like Mongu and Chandu) attack The Avengers looking for the ebony blade.

Of course, Crystal is naked when Mongu busts in.

Black Knight isn’t there–and he’s not using the blade, anyway, because it is cursed and needs to make its user kill after it draws blood. So Sean wields the mystic sword and it turns him into Bloodwraith.

Bloodwraith has Sean Dolan’s personality but also the mind of Sir Percy, the original dude who wielded the ebony blade and whose soul is trapped in it. The story ends with him going off with the blade to, I guess, do Bloodwraithy things.

It’s just an ok story–nothing terrible. Which, for a Black Knight story, is actually pretty good.

The back-up is about Kang’s arachronauts and it has Merlin. It doesn’t boost this annual above a C-, especially because it’s drawn by Al “I can do the job but it won’t be fabulous” Milgrom. The 1993 annuals are, unlike recent prior years, stand-alone affairs. But the Arachronauts debuted in the Citizen Kang annuals event last year.

They get a ponderous pin up…

Why on Earth would the logo be horizontal and the image vertical? It’s like Marvel wasn’t even trying.

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