This one is a done-in-one versus “The Sentry Sinister,” a Kree Sentry robot left on Earth and abandoned.  Thing whops its ass.

Also in this issue: Reed is a total dick to Sue.

Honestly, she’s a hottie.  There’s no need for her to put with his bullshit.

Finally, let’s appreciate Kirby’s attention to detail…

1 thought on “FANTASTIC FOUR #64 (1967)”

  1. Nicely done!
    There are two frames in this issue that changed my life. I would love to see them again.
    1. After thing tore open the chest plate and leaped back to shore, the sentry stands alone crotch deep in sea looking down at parts and wires in its hands. “My machinery, ruined”
    2. Sentry looks up, parts slipping out of gauntlets into water, “I’ll have to fight without it.”


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