Marc Spector: Moon Knight #6-7 (1989)

Moon Knight, Midnight, and Brother Voodoo go to a rave party.

No, it just looks like that on the cover. Actually, they fight zombies.  

BV has been infected by a zombie virus, so he hires Marc Spector the mercenary to help him.  

Brother Voodoo has not, to my knowledge, ever been a source of humor before.

It seems like the multiple secret identities—which made Moon Knight different from the heroes who preceded him—have been shed in this series.  

When you throw in giving him his own “Robin,” you get a character who is not terribly distinct from Batman—except that the tone of this book is becoming rather joke-y on top of it all.  For example, the zombies in these issues get distracted by watching TV.

As you can tell, I’m not a big fan.

The story is actually better than you’d think it would be, given that nothing with Brother Voodoo has ever been good up to now.  And given that Moon Knight has a sidekick.

Moon Knight should NOT have a sidekick.

Geraldo Rivera makes an appearance. Anyone know when he had his arm in a sling?

As does a zombie who escapes (the heroes kill the rest), who looks an awful lot like Simon Garth. I’m tagging him as such, even if this isn’t a canon appearance and is only a tribute. Plus, he’s smart enough to wear a trenchcoat, so I get to use my “trenchcoat disguises” tag too.

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