DEADPOOL #65-66 (2002): Gail Simone run begins

Gail Simone takes over Deadpool and completely revamps the character. It starts with a basic hit job on a crime boss, but Deadpool inadvertently and literally falls (through the roof) into a meeting of all the major heads of the international crime cartel The Four Winds…And kills them all.

He immediately gets famous and has swaths of fans who want to watch him work out. Look at the A.I.M. guy. He’s got shorts!

Soon, he’s rich and has employees and a biographer named Ratbag. But a villain named Black Swan hacks into Deadpool’s mind with a brain virus.

Swan’s also got a partner named Nijo, whose brother was killed by Deadpool during the siege on the Four Winds crime family. So for Nijo, it’s personal. Nijo will be important later.

The brain virus makes Deadpool crazier than he used to be.

This leads him to take a very silly job: A gazillionaire hires him to get Rhino’s horn, so that the man can use it as an aphrodesiac. From there, things go bonkers, and we get the single greatest Deadpool moment of all time:

IMG_9613 (1)

Rhino hangs out in this book for while after that–basically as Deadpool’s mascot.

This is one of the top 10 Gail Simone stories of all time.

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