Domino: Perfect Weapon #1-4 (2003)

It starts with Domino in Hong Kong taking out a biological weapons trader. She’s working for hire to recover a stolen weapon.

“A few years ago I was heading up a mutant strike force,” she thinks. “But hey, it was the ’90s–who wasn’t?”

Very meta. Very funny.

She’s successful in her mission.

When her client pays her, he also tells her that her mother, Beatrice, was involved in the creation of this weapon.

Following a trail through various members of a criminal enterprise, she untangles a government conspiracy that leads to a young boy that looks just like her.

He ends up being her brother.

The boy, Lazarus, is the host for the biological weapon that everyone wants. Domino saves him, but her mother tells her that Lazarus is too dangerous to live. Domino’s mother is seemingly killed, and Domino leaves Lazarus in the care of a priest.

But Beatrice is NOT dead–she returns after Domino leaves and retakes her son–presumably to kill him.

Neither Beatrice nor Lazarus are seen again, at least not as of this writing. This was a very strong miniseries. It’s a damn shame nobody ever followed up on it.

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