Galactus The Devourer #1-6 (1999): Galactus “dies;” 1st Red Shift

Galactus gets a new herald, Red Shift, which launches a story delving into the “meaning” of Galactus’ existence.

Red Shift arrives on Earth, which means Galactus is getting ready for a meal.

Plus, Red Shift looks pretty badass.

Silver Surfer and Alicia–who now has a suit of armor that gives her powers–fly out to stop Galactus.

Despite their efforts, and resistance from Earth’s heroes, what it takes to divert Galactus is for Norrin to become his herald again.

As he looks for a planet for Galactus to eat, he reunites with Mantis.

(He sure got over his love for Alicia quickly!).

Then he lures Galactus to the Shi’Ar empire.

And turns Galactus into a sun.

Okay. This is a very big story that is well executed. The only real weakness is that OF COURSE Galactus isn’t dead, so the weight of it fails. It’s also funny that in a story about a planet eater, we get to see the heroes feast.

Bill Sienkiewicz inked over Jon Muth’s pencils.

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