X-FORCE #56 (1996)

This issue came out before Deadpool became massively popular. I think that’s important to note, since from the cover it looks like Deadpool is a major player in the Marvel Universe. Truth is, around this time he only gets a handful of appearances each year.

Deadpool is a prisoner in the same asylum that recently held Siryn. She gets a flashback that Wade is being held there during a game of “tag” she’s playing with Shatterstar.

“Tag” counts as a sport for the purposes of my tag below about heroes playing sports.

Deadpool is in fact at the asylum, and he’s singing Beatles songs. And there’s a bunch of him also singing the Brady Bunch theme.

It’s not clear to me how much of this is in Siryn’s head, or if it is all projections created by Gamesmaster–who runs the asylum. Not sure if it matters, either.

Siryn and Shatterstar successfully rescue him, and it turns out that that was the “game” being run by Gamesmater: The rescue Deadpool game. And winning it triggers memories for Shatterstar.

Meanwhile, Warpath is still with Risque, flirting and riding motorcycles.

Next two issues are Onslaught tie-ins.

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