CABLE #29-31 and X-MAN #13-14 (1996)

The mystery of X-Man reaches the Cable comic as he and the team investigate the newest mutant, at the request of Professor X.

As he approaches X-Man, who is in a cabin the Alps, both characters start having memories/visions/headaches.

Threnody and X-Man take it on the lam, but are interrupted by Exodus.

Now we’re in a three-way war.

Nate, with Threnody at his side, finds an old Cable weapons cache. Cable has Blaquesmith with him, and is being urged to kill Nate. But instead, Cable tries to convince X-Man to be his ally–after all, both are refugees from timelines where Apocalypse reigned, and both seek to stop Apocalypse from dominating the 616 timeline.

At the end of the story, Cable and X-Man defeat Exodus and seem to have an agreement to help each other.

Finally, Post and Onslaught are happy with the result, because it means Cable ignored Blaquesmith and let Nate Grey live–which is what Onslaught wanted in the end.

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