INFINITY GAUNTLET #4 (1991) and Dr. Strange #34-35, Silver Surfer #57-58


Thanos has been keeping Mephisto around throughout the series so far, but it’s not clear why.  Thanos is omnipotent–he clearly doesn’t need Mephisto.  But he seems to enjoy company.  Flattery.  His ego is his biggest vulnerability.  Finally, in issue #4, Mephisto can’t keep himself from being himself–a trickster and a devil.  So he whispers in Thanos’ ear and convinces him to make himself vulnerable, so he’ll appear more tempting to Death, and then defeat all the heroes.

So basically issue #4 is where Thanos fights everyone who survived the snap. He lets The Avengers attack…

Doom and Thor get kinda close, but Doom’s typical selfishness gives Thanos time to wake up.

Recognizing its power, Thanos basically lifts Thor’s hammer by freezing it in time.

And he kills Thunderstrike. I know he’s evil and all but can we all agree that that is a good thing?

He smashes Hulk:

He fights teams…

I like that he puts a big cube over Cyclops’ head. But Captain America doesn’t find it funny…


We see that Adam Warlock has been holding back his troops for something bigger…


Eternity is coming to kick Thanos’ ass next issue.

Cosmic comics have never been better than this.  Infinity Gauntlet is one of the Top 10 Jim Starlin series  ever.


Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #34-35.  Dr. Strange reads Shakespeare in the middle of the Infinity Gauntlet saga.  He also starts to collect all the heroes who got banished by Thanos in issue #4 of the main series, in preparation for a rematch.

Nothing super important here, but it’s a fine tie-in.

Creators: Roy and Dann Thomas, Dan Lawlis
Grade: C

Incredible Hulk #384.  This will be covered in a regular series entry, as it is part of the larger run–but it is greatly affected by Infinity Gauntlet, in which Thanos shrinks Hulk.  See:

Cute mini-Hulk.

Silver Surfer #57-58.  Just more Surfer stuck inside the Soul Gem.  I really like Ron Lim’s art, and Ron Marz is a solid writer.  Good stuff, especially for a tie-in.  Grade: C+.

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