AVENGERS #265 (1986): Secret Wars II

Another Secret Wars tie in.

Beyonder continues to rage.

But when he does, he’s not as cool as Namor.


Roger Stern poses some interesting questions about Beyonder/God–like, what if God dreams?

The problem is, these are the same questions posed by the sentient Cosmic Cube stories, the appetite of Galactus, Thanos’ love of Death…

It’s nothing new, it’s been done differently and better before, and Beyonder is an especially flat/one-note being. But in the hands of Roger Stern, it’s done about as well as it can be. And of course the art is fantastic.

But, like all the SW2 stuff, nothing really comes out of it.

Look at this nice announcement on the letters page, where a subscriber failed to provide his accurate new address.

So nice!

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