Spider-Man Special Edition (1992): Trial of Venom

Venom fakes its own suicide, freeing Eddie Brock, who is then put on trial for the crimes he committed while under the influence of the symbiote. Matt Murdock defends him.

Once Brock is out of prison and in court for trail, Venom springs out of Brock’s mouth–having been hiding inside him. Fighting. Venom is recaptured. Brock is put back on trial and fires Matt Murdock.

But before that, Venom turns into a mumu.


Lot of “how can you defend Brock” stuff from Spider-Man and speeches about “innocent before proven guilty” by Daredevil. These kinds of discussions are worth having in comics, and they’re handled well here. A good comic, despite that it never really makes any conclusions about whether Brock was crazy or culpable, and pretty much returns us to status quo at the end. But of course it’s done well. Look who wrote it!

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