BULLPEN BULLETINS (1995): New Corner Boxes

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  1. Hi. I was looking for the Bullpen Bulletins from Sept. ’95 with the full results of the Favorite Avengers Poll. I have the Top 20 reprinted in #396 which is fine, really, as it seems to have everyone I’d be concerned with, but for the sake of completeness, …

    Would you have this and able to post it? I’ll check back, and if so, great! If not, oh well.

      • Oh. Well… okay, then.

        On the letters page of “Avengers” #396, they print a little partial column from “The BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT Dept.,” saying “It seems that many of you missed the September Bullpen Bulletins which listed the results of the FAVORITE AVENGER poll and have been writing in looking for those time-lost numbers,” then go on to print the top 20.

        I guess maybe they messed up, either mistaking where it was published, or maybe that they’d published it at all. ?!? `=o

        Well, like I said, I seem to have everyone I really care about in those twenty (tho I may go back to #387 to double-check the printed ballot which is where they note they’ll “list the winners in this space in July”), so I’ll manage.

        However, since we know that there are no mistakes in Marvel Comics, maybe there’s a(nother) No-Prize in it for me if I can think of an excuse, er, “reason.”

        Thanks for the info and your help. ‘Nuff said.


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