THUNDERSTRIKE #22-24 (1995): Series Ends

Bloodaxe’s identity is revealed, but of course we readers already knew.  We also know that the Bloodaxe can possess someone else.

Anyway, this leads Thunderstrike to declare war on the Egyptian God Seth.  The question isn’t whether you DO care about that.  I know you don’t.  The question is whether you SHOULD care.  And really there’s little incentive to care.  It’s poorly written, confusing, and Ron Frenz’s pencils are finished by Al Milgrom.

Anyway, after defeating Jackie-Bloodaxe, the axe possessed Thunderstrike.  In his bloodlust, he apparently kills Seth, and The Avengers come in to shut Thunderstrike down, while Odin resurrects Executioner for the same purpose. 

Plus, it’s ending.  Thunderstrike dies as Eric Masterson, his “conscious conscience,” wrests away the Bloodaxe curse from Thunderstrike’s mind, and the two…

…Never mind. 

It make no sense and I want to end on a positive note:

Thunderstrike is dead!


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