AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT #35 (1990): Gilgamesh

3 thoughts on “AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT #35 (1990): Gilgamesh”

  1. Some people just cant get over a mistaken visual…if you knew ANYTHING about the character of Gilgamesh thru history, you’d understand the costume he wore when he joined The Avengers…the “bull helmet” is an homage to his slaying the Bull of Heaven so it makes perfect sense…seems to me that someone who can rearrange matter, fly, intense knowledge of all forms of unarmed combat, project beams of heat and/or force from his eyes and hands, and is LITERALLY second ONLY to Thor in terms of physical strength across the entire Marvel Universe (and second possibly only to Thanos among Eternals) would garner just a little MORE respect…but alas, some people love to wallow in their ignorance and, in this case, hatred…of a character simply because of…what? That he came onto the team at a “low time” and that the roster was not exactly the greatest…or was it because that readers were pissed off at the previous regime for their handling of the previous roster? Either way, take a good long, hard look at Gilgamesh and put it into perspective…you might just understand “that ridiculous costume” and actually gain a little admiration for the character himself


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