Spirits of Vengeance #4-6 and Web of Spider-Man #93-96 (1992-1993): Hobgoblin Reborn/Spirits of Venom

This is basically a long, red-hot mess.  It starts with Spider-Man finally capturing Jason Macendale, the human version of Hobgoblin who was recently separated from the demon called Demogoblin.  

Foreigner had hired Macendale to kill Moon Knight, and Spider-Man interceded–and together the heroes capture Macendale.

Also, MJ can eat a whole box of Malomars and still have a rockin’ bod.

The above sums up Web of Spider-Man #92-93, but the Hobgoblin’s return does continue pretty much directly into Spirits of Vengeance #4, because at the end of WoSM #93, we see two Ghost Rider villains, Hag and Troll, freeing Venom from confinement.

So there are two Hobgoblins now.  One is a demon who is sometimes called Demogoblin and the other is the human who wore the Hobgoblin costume.  Actually, thanks to Infinity War, there’s also a Doppleganger Hobgoblin and doppleganger Spider-Man.  And now an emerging threat is Venom.

So now we move to Spirits of Vengeance #4.

Take Venom from Spider-Man, add Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, and the supporting characters from the Ghost Rider universe, and mix well with tons and tons of fights.


I don’t know.

The fighting just never stops over about a half-dozen issues.

Along the way, Hag and Troll reanimate Deathwatch

And at the end, Ghost Rider has all three of them (Hag, Troll and Deathwatch) in his custody, and Ketch says he’s taking them to Doctor Strange for diposal. Venom back in prison at the Vault (so no real net gain/loss for the Venom character here). Demon Hobgoblin also is taken to the Vault.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of this story is that GR:SoV doesn’t have a title for its letters page.

OK, overall this isn’t BAD. But it’s also NOT GOOD. It’s just random chaotic fighting with no story, like a Bruckheimer movie. A little bit of this kind of thing goes a long way, and a lot of this kind of thing is just boring.

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