Hawkeye #1-6 (2003-2004): High Hard Shaft

A comic book titled with a dick joke is rarely a good sign. It also features a stripper named Peppermint. She learns about something called the “Unity Pact,” and its members want her dead. Naturally, Hawkeye protects her. Doesn’t do a great job, though. She gets killed in this story.

The secret of the Unity Pact wraps in bits of Clint’s past with his brother Barney, and this seems like a serious effort to turn Hawkeye into some kind of a pulpy detective/adventurer like Doc Samson. It’s not a terrible comic, but knowing that in a few years Matt Fraction will also try to transform Hawkeye–but the results will be much, MUCH better–makes it a light read.

Oh, and you can throw in Skull the Slayer, a pulp figure we haven’t seen in over a decade, who joins Hawkeye in this story. They have banter.

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