Ms. Marvel #9-10 (1977): 1st Deathbird

An important story for two reasons.  A new, much less sexist costume is introduced (with no explanation or fanfare-she’s just in it when the story starts), and in it in the corner box.

And a terrific female villain is introduced: Death-Bird.

In this issue, she has the hyphen. But in future stories, she will not.

In her first appearance, we see her attack on Ms. Marvel is part of a MODOK plan–but we don’t yet know their connection.

Deathbird takes a lot of punches. But still manages to pull out a win.

And kudos for the water tower scene. I love those so much, I tagged them at the bottom of this post.

On to issue #10…

Who attacks a department store with his AIM army. Now we see Deathbird clearly works for MODOK.

Before her transformation, Carol tries to fight on her own (she does have military training, after all).

She uses champagne as a weapon.

Ms. Marvel is happening! Note that Carol Danvers resists the change to Ms. Marvel. Kinda like Hulk and Ghost Rider, only Ms. Marvel is clearly heroic so…Why?

She’s working for MODOK, hunting down Ms. Marvel.

MODOK gets punched in the head.

But really, where else are you gonna punch him?

Two artists for this story: Keith Pollard (#9) and Sal Buscema (#10)

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