ALPHA FLIGHT #91 (1990)

Dr. Doom seeks to import water from Canada in exchange for giving them tech, because he can’t get water into Latveria due to the neighboring countries’ having embargoes against Latveria.  Since they need water, it’s called “A Thirst For Power.”

But it’s Kristoff, not the real Doom, and the new “Latverian Liberation Front” is involved…

For some reason they all fight. I don’t understand, really, how a trade negotiation turned into a big battle but I don’t care enough to read this issue more closely. It’s so badly written.

Just one example: Windshear is British so every single panel has him saying “bloke” or “bloody” or somesuch.

The real Doom appears at the very end but can’t redeem this.

Alpha Flight: New writer. New artist. Still awful.

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