DOC SAMSON #1-4 (1996): 1st Geiger

A miniseries representing early writing by Dan Slott with more pencilers than total number of issues.  That’s never a good thing.  And even Slott leaves after issue #2, getting story credit with Evan Skolnick doing the scripting.

The main story here is the transformation of one of Doc Samson’s students, Delilah Dearborn, into the superhero Geiger.

She’s played for comedy.  Her powers appear to be the ability to detect/locate other gamma-powered characters and to be able to make Doc Samson’s old costume fit her much smaller body. 

The overarching adventure is Doc Samson and She-Hulk teaming up to track down and arrest a serial-killer-with-powers named Patchwork (who is never used again after this series).  The killer is murdering women who look like Playboy Centerfolds in an attempt to collect “perfect” body parts.  Okay, yeah, that’s definitely a Dan Slott idea. And Gamma Rays are involved.

Polaris gets the most character work.

Along the way, of course Samson fights Hulk pointlessly, and there’s a Punisher appearance to help boost sales.  But it’s all in fun.

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