Shang Chi escapes a moving vehicle by breaking the driver’s neck with his own tie and flipping across the street.

GSMoKF #3 introduces Clive Reston.

He is a Sherlock Holmes stand-in who will be a regular in this series, helping Shang Chi investigate his father’s evil doings

The stories are terrific and the art is even better.

If it weren’t for a few stray appearances in other Marvel books, you’d be forgiven for thinking Shang Chi is a standalone book that exists outside the 616-Universe.

Art by Paul Gulacy, except Sal Buscema fills in for #32 and Keith Pollard fills in on #34-35.

When Moench and Gulacy are together, this book is a solid B+. Without Gulacy’s magnificent page designs and art, it drops to a C+.

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