Solo Avengers #7 (1988): Hawkeye, Silver Sable, Sandman, Black Widow

Hawkeye continues to be the front-half of this book.  So really, it should be called “Hawkeye and some other Avenger who can’t possibly carry a solo book.”  And subtitled: “And Hawkeye doesn’t warrant one either.”

The work here continues to be low-average (meh) quality overall, although the Hawkeye half isn’t terrible.  Just average.  Hawk, Silver Sable and Sandman fight terrorists at an airport.

The terrorists are holding a girl hostage, and Sable says if there’s no money in it, she’s not interested in helping. Hawkeye’s dumbfounded.

Then he promises to pay her and her men. In the end, she bills him for a dollar.

Of the three, Sandman is dramatically overpowered but he doesn’t really contribute any more than Hawkeye. Another reason this book isn’t good. I feel like maybe it would have been cool if over time Hawkeye keeps working with Sable and then decides to become a merc with her. He’s been a chief of security in the past. Might have been neat.

The back half is a Bob Layton and Butch Guice Black Widow story that reunites her with her ballet teacher from back in the USSR.  With just 10 pages to work with, it doesn’t really have a chance to get off the ground. Might have been good if it were longer.

Hawkeye: Tom DeFalco and Mark Bright.  Grade: C
Widow: Bob Layton, Butch Guice.  Grade: C-

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