X-Men Black Sun #1-5 (2000-2001): 1st Sefton as Magik

This series came out in September, with each issue coming out weekly during that month. The first issue had the whole team and was released during week one, but the next four featured one or two characters per issue, with some issues being published simultaneously (because there are only four weeks in September). Claremont got writing credit for each issue, but there were co-writers and different artists after that.

Belasco possessed the X-Men to do his bidding. He needs five stones (one per issue), so the N’Gari (demons working with Belasco) send the possessed X-Men to fight the real X-Men. So #2 is possessed Storm. #3 is possessed Banshee and Sunfire. Etc.

In the end, the unpossessed X-Men invade Limbo with the help of Amanda Sefton–the new Magik–and save the day.

This is the first time we find out that there is a new Magik.

The team–and even Belasco–don’t know that Magik is Sefton until the end, and this is where we get the launch of her new series.

A series like this–with different creators on every issue–usually varies greatly in quality from issue to issue. But in this case, the quality stays steady throughout.

Sadly, the quality is poor. This is an “F” grade series.

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