THOR #145-146 (1967)

Thor gets depowered when he chooses living on Earth over living on Asgard.
Odin can be a real, spiteful dick.

So he can’t fly anymore, can’t control the weather, and can’t turn into Don Blake.  Frankly, with Jane Foster out of the picture, not being able to become mortal seems like no great loss.

So diminished, Thor can’t even stand up to the Circus of Crime.  And even Spider-Man can beat those guys up.

Ringmaster hypnotizes Thor and forces him to join the Circus.

Seeing Thor weakened is too much temptation for Loki, who goes to Earth to beat up his half brother.  Sif and Balder can’t take seeing Thor like this, so they go to Earth, too.  And Odin gets even angrier…

…And takes all their powers away!

That seems as good a place as any to end this post.  Things in Thor just keep getting better, even as several other Marvel books like X-Men and Avengers are getting stagnant.

Also, I’ve not been writing about the Tales of Asgard backup features that have been running in this book, all the way back to when it was titled “Journey into Mystery,” but with #147, they end.

The backups then become about The Inhumans.  I’d love to read them and share them with you but, sadly, my digital copies of Thor excised the backups.

Too bad!

But at least I have the Bullpen Bulletin about it.

Oh, and one more thing: Thor rides an elevator.

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